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K&K 이민컨설팅  최근 업데이트 이민 소식과 고객후기를 전해드립니다.

Peter Suyong Hoh 고객님 후기입니다.

K&K 이민컨설팅 5 Star 리뷰

I really appreciate the way K&K took care of my case all the way long during my whole procedure from the beginning to getting the Permanent Residence.

What I have been impressed most is that they won't exaggerate what they can do or what can happen. They are very honest and telling the truth straightforward. It made me trust them and as a result, all the procedures have gone smoothly well enough. I know some people like them or others don't.

However, I hope more and more people will get to find the appropriate helper like K&K for themselves and get their PR or their goal.

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