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K&K 이민컨설팅  최근 업데이트 이민 소식과 고객후기를 전해드립니다.

Who wants work in CANADA?

Canada FREE Job Match Service!!

Who wants work in Canada? Plan your career with K&K

You can procced with LMIA & Work Permit at lower price.

About 3000 cases successful job matched !

Eligible Occupation lists ;

Early Childhood Educator (E.C.E.) / Cook / Butcher / Baker / Food Service Supervisor / Restaurant Manager / Administrative assistant / Other occupations…

Advantages of working in Canada ;

Free medical care, free education for minor child (public schools), spouse’s open work permit, higher points for permanent residency visa.

We are very welcoming to contact us.


Instagram : @knk_canada_immigration

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K&K Canada Consulting

IncRCIC : #R420127 / SK Licence Number : #00068


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캐나다본사:Suite 336 - 4501 North Road, Burnaby, British Columbia V3N 4R7​

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